Tuesday, 15 September 2009

2nd Character Concept

Today I would like to introduce a concept the second main character of my project. SorryI'm low on the details about the characters as I'm not yet ready to release any information.

Woo hoo

Friday, 11 September 2009

Practice Sketch

When I take a break off the project I tend to doodle or mess around drawing some unrelated pictures. Well, anyway, most of the time when I create a drawn piece of sketch with pencil and then put it on photoshop and do the rest. Well, I thought that this time I should try and do it all from scratch on the computer in photoshop!

Anyway, here is my first picture I've done completely in photoshop without any pencils or rubbers!

Monday, 7 September 2009


Hey all,

I haven't posted anything for ages so you're probably wondering what's been happening..
I've been working on 3 different things:
1. Creating sets from drawings and converting into the appropriate style so that I'll be able to animate them.
2. More character designs but I'm not ready to release them yet as they're still in development.
3. Creating 3D sets so that I can perform some of the more dynamic scenes.

Below you can see how I am developing the scenes from drawings. At the moment I am experimenting and learning how to animate these scenes.

Final Design
Line art and painting + Shading
Line Art

3D set + lighting + particles. (experimentation)