Friday, 31 July 2009

Gun Meditation

Okay after playing around with the gun I thought I should create my first 'gun-scene'.

Here you go

Working on the gun.

Woohoo, worked with a gun today! For now I just to a quick run over with the model of the gun to try and figure out what kind of look im looking for.

Some people may recognaize this gun...

Thursday, 30 July 2009


I think I've almost got the hang of this. Was listening to Eminem - Beautiful while making this.
I'm going to work on facial expressions tomorrow then maybe try and do a pilot comic.

Really happy today :D

Working with more body

Had a lot of fun experimenting with faces, now it's time to see how I can work with some body.

Still deciding whether it's better to go for more detail or a darker blotchy style...


Getting closer...

Side Profile

Just did another experimentation with my new style and tried doing a side profile.

Developing comic style :)

Today I made a major breakthrough!

While messing with a few drawings and photos I discovered a near complete method of creating the style I've been looking for!

Well look at the first image I posted before. Just to show how much progress I've made, I've put my first concept up again side by side.

Just remember, this is still in development

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Costume Design 1

So now that I've got a fairly good idea what the protagonist looks like I started working on one of the costume designs - his military/police outfit.

Back from Italy. Time for some Character development.

Now that I am back from Italy it's time to continue my work.

Here are some sketches I've been working on since I've got back.

This is my first imagination of my character for upcoming project.
I decided to use the image of Raiden from the Metal Gear Solid franchise as my source of reference and inspiration to model my character from.

In this picture of Raiden you can tell he's been through quite a lot, I want to achieve something similar with my character. I want to show his physical and mental deterioration throughout his story.

In this picture I decided to draw my vision of what the character may look like when he's younger, or at the beginning of the narrative. As you can see he looks a lot more reserved and stress-free. However, the image is too cartoony/manga-like for my liking so I changed it a bit.

This design of the character still looks young but more mature than the last and seems to be more focused.

Here is a final sketch of what I think is the best portrayal of my character at the early stages of the story. You can see he doesn't look as young as the previous sketches.

Thursday, 16 July 2009


I'll be gone to Italy for 5 days so I won't have anything new posted on here for a few days.

Character Drawing Draft

For this comic project, I have this character in mind. I want the protagonist to look like a rugged man, similar to russel crow, but a younger. Someone who looks like they have been roughened and aged by the obstacles in their life. So I took the liberty to draw my own interpretation of Russel Crow.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Playing My Flash Game ('not loading')

If you checked out my flash game in one of the earlier posts you have found that nothing happens,
that's because it's 11mb and there's no loading screen so it'll take a while. So just leave it open for a while and look at it later it'll pop up

Character Update +

I've made a few changes to the character design.

You can view a small animation a made for this comic.

Character Draft

I'm currently working on a real life comic, which is basically transfering real photos into comic like images. I'm going to mix in 2 different styles that I developed in the past. If I can find the images I'll post them up here. Here's is the first concept/experimentation.

Here is an update of the face as it shapes up

You can see that I'm beginning to define the features a bit more.

Modelling a face

I'm starting to learn how to sculpt faces.
Let's see how it goes :)

Finished Terrain

Here is the terrain finished. Coloured and all. :)

Creating Terrain

Using the rock model I created before I created this terrain.

First Model in Zbrush - Rock

This is the first model/Alpha I made in Zbrush

Hayato Blaster version 3.00

Here is a link to the latest version of Hayato Blaster :)

Added level system, money system and stop.
Still in the very early stages.

To play: Use the directional arrows UP and DOWN to move.
Space Bar to shoot
Ctr to fire missles.

Music by Masaya Tanikawa

Animation in Blender and Flash Game (Early Version)

Recently in Blender I learnt how to create simple animations.
As you can see below I made a box jump and rotate... Clap clap :)

This is a link to an really early version of a game i'm working on in Flash.

It's called Hayato Blaster.

Welcome to my Design Blog!

Hey all,

I thought it would be useful to start a blog to track progress of all the work i'm doing instead of posting it all on facebook.

Well, anyway, this summer i'm quite keen to get on with learning a whole load of new stuff. I've kic
ked off this summer with Zbrush (A 3D sculpting tool) and Blender which is used for more animating and game design.

This is the first model I made in Blender

In this model I learnt how to add a texture to the models.