Thursday, 29 October 2009

Chrome Boy meets Punching bag

Chrome boy met Punching bag, but they didn't get along... So Chrome Boy punched Punching Bag and then Punching Bag ran away crying...

Well, anyway if you remember the previous video i made of a punching bag getting knocked around by box, well this is the successor to that. Basically, I want to create a scene showing the protagonist punching a punching bag in the new visual style I'm developing for this project. The first step was to model a room, then it was model some sort of character that I can animate (Chrome Boy) and then it was to create an interactive element in the room for that character to play around with. This is the first result of those things.

Here, take a look.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Chrome Boy meets Sphere

Chrome met Sphere but they didn't get along, so Chrome boy pushed Sphere away...

Well anyway this scene was created to test how a character can interact with other objects, for example a ball in this case.

The next I want to do is test some curtains or cloth and see how I can use them in my sets

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Welcome to the birth of chrome boy!

Chrome Boy is my first model character who I will be using to practice my animation skills. He will evolve, develop and change over time but will be the core of my animation research... wooo!!

Crazy TV Next Gen Technology!

I don't know if any of you guys follow digiinfo but they have some crazy stuff on their youtube channel concerning future technologies (mainly from Japan ;)) It's really inspirational/(unbelievable) stuff!

This is apparently the future of not just TVs but maybe human interactions with screens... So funky shit I'd say!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Updated 3D room

Hey all, I've been spending the last few hours getting to grips with 3D max and messing around with the room. Just some small additions. In the picture below I added a model of a wine rack to add more life to the room and in the video I added a sphere moving to see how well I can render videos... It took just over a hour btw... ha ha ha


PS. I was listening to the soundtrack of Hotel Rwanda (which I bought because it was so good)

If you got the time I recommend you watch this film, very touching.


Concept Animation (After Effects)

Okay I wasn't meant to upload this because I was going to use this clip as part of a teaser, however because of recent progress and breakthroughs I decided to show it because I feel that it is no longer up to the level I want for the teaser/trailer.

Well, basically I created this back in August and this was the backbone for the core design of the animation. It was all done in After Effects and took about a week to finish because of all the experimentation and development.

I am now more interested in incorporating more 3D elements into the set and background to bring the whole thing to life. As you can see I make the clouds move and the leaves drop but they're isn't much dynamism to them. Imagine if you could see the leaves move in true 3-dimensional direction and at the same time react to other elements such as wind, environment, etc. Also there is no scale or scope and it's more difficult to create cities or set of large proportion just in After Effects. I aim to study and research more 3D in order to push the project to higher limit!

Get ready for it!

3D Max Realistic Room

Hey all,

Today I'd like to present you with my first render of a room. I've been working on this since 1pm today and it took juts over 2 hours to finish it while working with a tutorial.

I want to recreate the punching bag animation (in the previous post) at the same level of quality... lets see how that goes...

Woohoo time to eat!

Friday, 23 October 2009

Punching Bag Simulation

Well last night I was watching Kung Fu Panda because I thought it would help me fall asleep.

Anyway while I was watching it I was paying a lot of attention to how the film was animated and the thing that interested me the most were the fighting parts, not because it was 'gung fu' but because of the way the bodies interacted with each other. In 3D there is a term called 'soft bodies' which means that the shape of an object would deform according to how it interacts with other objects. Well, anyway I was thinking of how I could do something like that so I got the idea of trying to replicate a punching bag.

Enough talk, take a look

Thursday, 22 October 2009


Here's some of the recent 3D stuff I've been doing! Be amazed!!!!

Well not really...

Anyway the video consists of modelling, rigging and cloth simulation which I've learnt recently and put together!

I'm just interested how to use this all together with after effects to create some really cool scenes!

Where have I been?

Okay ever since I came back to London I've been quite busy trying to fit everything under my hat, but that isn't to say that I haven't been working on this project! I've been studying and practice 3D recently and learning how I am going to tie that in with my project!

So busy, busy.

Anyway, Look out for some updates i'll be posting some more stuff soon!

Anyway I'll upload some stuff I did a few weeks ago.

Here is a sketch I did on photoshop of the Protagonist :)

And this is a kind of intro video of Garret, the second main character.