Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Chrome Boy meets Sphere

Chrome met Sphere but they didn't get along, so Chrome boy pushed Sphere away...

Well anyway this scene was created to test how a character can interact with other objects, for example a ball in this case.

The next I want to do is test some curtains or cloth and see how I can use them in my sets


  1. Wow you were up pretty late/early to post this.
    Probably not that similar, but we do some 3D modelling and animation in CAD software. Obviously not involving little people though.
    It looks really good, look forward to seeing what else Chrome Boy gets up to...

  2. Thanks Steve!

    I'm using 3D max which is the same company that makes autoCAD. I've used CAD before when I was doing work experience at an architecture firm..

    Anyway, I hope you keep watching!