Monday, 26 October 2009

Concept Animation (After Effects)

Okay I wasn't meant to upload this because I was going to use this clip as part of a teaser, however because of recent progress and breakthroughs I decided to show it because I feel that it is no longer up to the level I want for the teaser/trailer.

Well, basically I created this back in August and this was the backbone for the core design of the animation. It was all done in After Effects and took about a week to finish because of all the experimentation and development.

I am now more interested in incorporating more 3D elements into the set and background to bring the whole thing to life. As you can see I make the clouds move and the leaves drop but they're isn't much dynamism to them. Imagine if you could see the leaves move in true 3-dimensional direction and at the same time react to other elements such as wind, environment, etc. Also there is no scale or scope and it's more difficult to create cities or set of large proportion just in After Effects. I aim to study and research more 3D in order to push the project to higher limit!

Get ready for it!

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