Saturday, 15 August 2009

Falling leaves

Hey all,

After walking, thinking and looking around a bit, I decided to start working on a scene. So what does that mean? More animation work... :(

Well today I was working on some leaves falling down because in this pilot scene I want try and see how well I can bring out the environmental details with animation.

Anyway, check it out and tell me what you think, though remember this is still in development.


  1. The shapes of the leaves look really cute :) hehe, but I think they're falling a little too fast and there are maybe too many of them...? I like the leaves that fall down randomly in the wind, rather than just dropping down... Hope you're ok dude. Keep going! It's great to see all the new stuff you're coming up with!

  2. Oh yeah this was the first version I did of this animation and I imagined it set in a rainforest where you would have loads of trees towering you and it would be 'raining' leaves, but in the newer version that I'm using in my Pilot scene has fewer leaves, you'll be seeing some work from that soon! :D

    Yeah I'm good haha How are you? I haven't seen you sinces that day I was in bham!

  3. haha cool... it made me think of when you use razor leaf on pokemon gameboyyy.. nice

  4. haha thanks! Now that I think about it... it does kinda look like razor leaf...